I named this piece TogetherNot because while we may seem like a unified society, we also live in a world of illusions.
I created this piece for fun, but managed to jam a lot of meaning into it.
"Say as much as possible with as few words as possible." That is the mantra of the world of marketing. Within this process though, there is a dilution of meaning. To the right side of the image is a marketing campaign that reads LOVE LOVE. Our society is leaning more and more towards a worldview that forces acceptance of absolutely everything, and with companies starting to push their personal agendas it would not be surprising to see such a bi-line as LOVE LOVE. But this catchy, feel good phrase rids love of its deeper meaning. "Enjoy making people feel good" is the status quo it is setting. But does not true authentic love also hate? To love someone truly is to hate the harm that comes their way. To love life is to hate those who seek to steel it. In the dumbing down of our language for the sake of creating catchy marketing, we begin to dumb down our culture. 
The blindness of the shirtless woman behind the promotion emphasizes the blindness of a society that equates love to sexuality. It also represents the blindness that comes with the over-saturation of sexuality within a culture. Pornography and pop culture are blinders that turn people into objects and relationships into a means to an end.
The helmet with the smily face represents our ability to always display the happy face that we want people to see over social media while hiding our true emotions. The icon of this piece is that we really do not know the expression of the individual behind the mask. Are they happy? Sad? Confident? Angry? We can only assume happiness.
The turtle represents the elephant in the room. There are big problems in our society; problems that we have inherited, and problems that are arising. And the scary thing is that we are starting to normalize these problems so that they become as plain as a giant turtle in the sky. 
What does the future hold?
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